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Stavros Halvatzis Interview


Welcome to our first official Thor Stonewell interview. Our first guest is Stavros Halvatzis, author of the popular Kindle novel Scarab.

We hope you enjoy the interview. To download the interview right click on the image below and select “save as”. To just listen to the interview online simple click on the link below.

I found Stavros to be intellectual as well as a brilliant conversationalist. His viewpoint on both the past and future of writing/publishing as well as his take on our current political environment is well worth the listen.

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Download Scarab, by Stavros Halvatzis, for just 99 cents on


Note to listeners: I am not being compensated for these interviews but am choosing to provide them free-of-charge to both authors as well as listeners. I do this out of a love of the industry. All interviewees are identified by me, contacted by me and interviewed by me. The subsequent interviews are then edited by me and marketed at my personal expense. I am not complaining, I am happy to do it. However, if you enjoy the interview please feel free to notify others of it, post in forums, tweet about it, facebook it and anything else you think would help spread the word.

I am not accepting donations of any kind for my labor, please don’t ask. If you really want to thank me feel free to purchase a copy of my book.



Now please sit back and enjoy this interview!


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