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It’s nice to meet you…

It’s 11:38 pm on November 20th. As I type this my stomach is full of butterflies (no, nothing too gruesome, I promise you). They’re the kind of butterflies I remember having waiting to meet a prom date as an awkward teenager, my hair crusty with hardened “gel” and smelling of cheap cologne stolen from my father’s vanity. It’s an old feeling, one that hasn’t been around much lately, but still familiar enough that I can pick it out at first glace.

What is surprising to me is why I feel like this. I didn’t understand it at first. But I do now, you see, just like waiting for a prom date a handful of years ago, I feel nervous because tonight I am also just about to meet another new person.

That new person is you.

I know that sounds childish, like a badly rehearsed line in an off-off broadway play, but listen to me for a moment while I attempt to make a rational case for an irrational, yet cliché  statement.

Earlier today I had the opportunity to have a book I wrote, Stone of Destiny, featured on the website. I was certainly hoping for a small uptick in the handful of sales I make every week as the result of the feature on the website along with the added addition of some facebook promotions from friends. What I wasn’t expecting was the near 400 sales that came from buyers all over the internet!

This is why I am so nervous right now. Because right now around the world there are close to 400 new people getting to know me all at the same time. There are close to 400 people that are suddenly wondering if I am worth moving on to the next chapter, and the one after that…

There goes that feeling again! Do I look good in this tux?

Worry and doubt have unfortunately been ever present. An author is his or hers harshest critic and boy am I letting it fly tonight! I should have gone through one more edit! Lord knows I always find new corrections to make far too often, surely a more refined product would make them like me more, right? Did I move the plot too slow? Was I a bit unbelievable? The list goes on an on. But it all comes back to a basic question.

Are they going to like me?

From prom to prose and years in between and I am still asking myself that ridiclous question.

The turth is maybe you will like my book, maybe the result will be something else, but I am just happy we've finally had the chance to meet.

My book is currently trending at #683 on the Amazon Kindle Bestsellers list! That might not be worth the pixals needed to represent it to some authors out there but damn… to me that’s like gold! I never thought I’d break 1000 let alone #683! As far as I can tell this is a day in the spotlight. Today 400 people bought my book! Today I am a runner up to a runner to a runner up to an on down the line 600 or so times, to a Kindle Bestselling author! Wow!

I guess that is why I decided to sit down and write this. To just say a simple and heartfelt T-H-A-N-K-Y-O-U!

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Even if these heart pounding sales (hey! to me they are!) don’t continue through the night I am completely content knowing my “today” was perfect. And that perfect day, my day in the spotlight, was because of you.

Hi! My name is Thor Stonewell. Nice to meet you.

(Extends Hand…)

I hope we can be friends…




I was so excited sharing my good news I forgot the first rule of book sales, shameless self promotion.

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If you don't want to buy it, but want to play the role of anonymous benefactor giving a young(ish) man a chance at his dream, feel free to tweet, follow, post, facebook and all that other stuff we are getting so ridiclously good at.


But most of all,


Thank you very much.


Thor Stonewell


Update #2:

Up to #275 on the Amazon Kindle bestseller list! Awesome! Click here for the proof!

Up to #12 on the Action and Adventure section! Click here for the proof!

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