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Stone of Destiny


Through an onslaught of gunfire a well known professor leaps to his death off the mighty Irish Cliffs of Moher. Discovering a buried secret was his last fruitless act; keeping hidden a far greater secret, a secret concealed by the Queen of England herself, was his sacrificial intention.


As cogs drop into play throughout the United Kingdom a young American in London finds himself caught up in the world’s greatest unknown conspiracy. With the life of his grandfather on the line, and the legitimacy of the British royal family in question, Trevor Emerson races against time and history in his shared quest to find the Stone of Destiny.


From Edinburgh Castle to Piccadilly Circus to King Arthur’s ancient Isle of Avalon, join our heroes down the rabbit hole of royalty where the right secret, sufficiently veiled, can ensure the lifelong reaping of billions of dollars, or worse, the lifelong ruling over billions of lives.


Is the Queen of England playing the world for a con? Where is the Stone of Destiny?


To answer one question is to answer the other.




Stone of Destiny is an archeo-cryptological thriller. At just over 126,000 words the length is that of an average novel. The main focus of the book is the actual Stone of Destiny, a real-life artifact used in the coronation of English monarchs.


"Stone of Destiny" has been exhaustively researched over the course of three years by the author, Thor Stonewell. While the characters and modern-day plot are fictional, the history taught and featured within its pages is true and hopefully as fascinating as "Stone of Destiny" itself.


Adventure, hidden history, conspiracy, poetry, revenge, murder, treasure maps and more await the next reader.


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