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Below are a few of the things readers of Stone of Destiny have said about it.

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"I was excited to read "Stone of Destiny" by Thor Stonewell after it was recommended by a friend but unfortunately had to postpone reading it for a bit after after purchasing it due to some other time commitments. I finally managed to crack the spine, or power up the Kindle to be more precise, a couple of days later. Boy am I glad this wasn't one that fell through the cracks!
Stone of Destiny was more than I expected and then a bit more after that. There's no shortage of Indiana Jones style thrillers hitting the shelves recently, and plenty of them pack a punch, but few that I have read have the all-around staying power I found in this book. 
To start off the characters were unique and well fleshed out. I found that to be such a relief. It's a bit obnoxious to read books featuring characters who seem to occasionally lack real world realism (I hate seeing characters do things that don't make sense according to their literary personality) but thankfully Mr. Stonewell managed to avoid the common pit falls as far as character development is concerned. The main character, Trevor Emerson, is a believable, free-living and playful rascal, with an anti-authoritarian bent. It was a nice bonus to discover while reading that in spite of his playful and "take-nothing-seriously" attitude that Trevor was also capable of some stunning acts of self sacrifice, especially at the end of the book. It was great seeing his overall character progression on through to the very last page. Trevor's devotion to his grandfather, and his initial distrust of another main character, the beautiful Catherine Blackwell (who is also the daughter of one of the main protagonists, uh-oh…) is natural and flows well via both dialogue and description. It was fun watching the relationship dynamic morph and change as these two characters got to know each other. When you throw in the extra bit of romance Mr. Stonewell adds to their relationship it only makes the book more exciting as well as more difficult to put down!
The story starts off with a bang, most good ones do, right? It's only took a few pages to hook me on the storyline and thankfully the action doesn't seem to let up too much strait on through 'till the end. The story reads like a Dan Brown thriller, featuring an obscure piece of actual history which the author uses to wrap his adventure around. The actual history was exciting, I didn't think I would be familiar with the subject matter when I started reading but as the author began to explain just what the "Stone of Destiny" was I realized I had read a bit about it before (spoiler, it's mentioned in the Bible, I bet you didn't know that either). When Mr. Stonewell began to pull things together, showing real world ramifications for some otherwise forgotten historical events I realized this wasn't a book I was going to be putting down tonight. 
As the heroes traveled from one clue to another I found myself astounded at how well the clues and locations seemed to fit the actual history of the "Stone of Destiny". It was as if the author wasn't actually writing a novel, but just writing about something that had already happened, but no-one knew about. It was amazing how well the clues seemed to fit together, almost as if they were more than fiction. Anytime I find myself reading a novel while at the same time checking facts contained in the novel on Google I know I am reading a keeper. And that was certainly the case with Stone of Destiny. 
Another thing that impressed me was the poetry. No, it wasn't "Walt Whitman-esk" but by the time you get towards the end and finally realize the game that Thor Stonewell was playing with the poetry the whole time you can't help but mentally applaud in appreciation. I won't spoil the read for the next person but I will say I am impressed at the poetry, trying to pull off what Thor Stonewell does almost effortlessly would cause most authors to fall flat on their face. I was glad he pulled it off with such aplomb.
The only negative thing I could think of while reading was there were a few typo's and a handful of grammar errors that seemed to pop up now and again. As an author I understand how difficult a good edit can be, especially when the novel is over 345 pages (as this one is) but Stone of Destiny is a good enough book that it deserves a professional editor to spend some time with it. It would turn a great book into something even better. 
In closing I will say "Stone of Destiny" was an excellent read and something I would recommend buying, whether it's to read on your kindle, or a paperback for a friend. 
If you like history, adventure, romance, poetry, conspiracy, revenge and treasure hunts then Stone of Destiny is the book for you, and you certainly won't leave hungry!
Kristyn Decker
Author, Fifty Years in Polygamy



"What I liked about Stone of Destiny, apart from the intriguing plot and subject matter, was the author's ability to capture the look and feel of the places he describes and to position us firmly within those worlds. I wish this promising new author success and eagerly look forward to his next offering."

Aquamarine (Amazon Reviewer and author of best selling Amazon novel "Scarab")



"Author Thor Stonewell has written a novel that grabs you from the start and doesn't let go until the end. I loved the way he tied history in with the story, which makes it even more exciting for readers who are looking for something that entertains in a realistic vein. An excellent read, and all for only a dollar – you can't beat that! This book is a great beginning for a promising author, and I'm sure we'll be hearing more from him in the future. Kudos to you, Mr. Stonewell!

John Lyman (Author of the best selling "God's Lions" series)



Stone of Destiny was one of those books that just appeared to be a fun read when I chose it. This book starts quickly and then continues in avenues that are not expected. It is similar to the DaVinci Code and Indiana Jones where items are found through connections with historical happenings. This book takes place in Scotland, Ireland, and England. An historical "stone" is stolen from England, found and replaced with a fake, and our hero attempts to find it to recover his kidnapped grandfather from a group who feel that the stone belongs to them. I wish the author had done a better spell and grammar check as there are often places where this creates discontinuity with the reading. Overall, the story line is excellent however and I would recommend it.

Karen Beyl (Amazon Reviewer) 



Thoroughly enjoyed this book. As soon as I finished I went to Amazon to see if he had written anything else. Strongly recommend to anyone who likes history and mystery.

Lynnd515 (Amazon Reviewer)



"Easy read, very exciting! Lots of twists and turns. I really hope that a sequal will be released soon!! Thanks for a great book!"

Julieann B. in Germany



"… Stone of Destiny is an easy, fast and exciting read. The story takes an historical object and creates an intriguing plot about what could have happened to it. I found myself wishing I were in the British Isles following the characters along in their chase to find the stone of destiny. Definitely worth your time to read. And for only 3 bucks you can't find anything better!"

Brittany B. in Salt Lake



"This was a fun and educational read. I prefer to learn from a story line rather than dry facts. I enjoyed getting to see cultural places around the world through the eyes of these entertaining characters. Of course, a little romantic tension thrown in never hurts either."

Teresa T. in Wyoming



"This novel is adventurous and exciting! The story is captivating and keeps you anxiously reading on. The story is complex and the mystery intriguing. There are unexpected twists and turns that kept me fully interested. I really enjoyed it. Very well done."

Mike H. in Las Vegas



"Well written book with believable characters and natural dialogue. I enjoyed the blending of history and present day. It's one of those type of books where you spend half your time reading a great story and the other half of your time online trying to figure out if the author is telling the truth about history. He was!


The Stone of Destiny is a large rock that originally showed up in the bible. It was found by Jacob, given to Joseph and passed down through all the major biblical personalities. When Jerusalem was overthrown the Stone of Destiny was taken by a prophet from Israel to Ireland. It was then used in Ireland, then Scotland, then finally England as a throne to crown kings and queens. The stone was so special to the people that when the English stole it from the Scottish it ignited a full on war, with William Wallace leading the Scott's… yeah, Braveheart fought for the Stone of Destiny. I sure didn't know that when I started reading it.


This book takes place in the modern day. Long after the wars over the stone, in a world that has forgotten what the Stone of Destiny is and why it's important.


Thor Stonewell's Stone of Destiny has it all, character development and change, a believable story line and more than that it really makes me want to visit the places in England, Ireland and Scotland that are described in the book.


I recommend this book to anyone that likes a fast paced story, historical mystery and even a dash of Biblical storytelling. Just to clarify, Stone of Destiny does have some biblical ties and shares some biblical history, but it is not one of those religious, preachy books. Just a book that is willing to share some fascinating history. If you are a religious scholar you should enjoy it, if you don't care for religion you should still enjoy it!"


Todd H. in Phoenix